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Website: www.hvacdiamante.com

Office address: Barcelona, Spain


DIAMANTEKAREN. S.L., with more than 30 years of experience product heating, ventilation and air conditioning devices. Our company announces its readiness to accept and supply all kinds of orders.

  • Very reasonable price
  • Fast delivery time
  • Unique service
  • Warranty and after-sales service

Our service with extraordinary conditions, competitive and very reasonable prices. In addition to our high-quality product and competitive price, we offer excellent services including design and mechanical installations, installation and execution, and after-sales service. Also, the delivery time of the device and installation and execution will be very fast.

If you want to cooperate in order to quickly advance the work, additional explanations and technical reviews from your project location, it will be possible to have an in-person meeting at your company's location.

Parts of our Manufactured products:

1) Water and air cooled chillers made from German and American compressors

2) Decorative grounded and ceiling Fan coils

3) Air handling unit for working with chillers and steam with industrial uses (chillers for cooling devices) for hospitals, clean rooms and with special filters

4) Ducted split

5) Mini chiller

6) Apartment air handling unit (Apartment air washer)

7) Hygienic air handling unit suitable for clean rooms and hospitals

8) Air washers with heating coils (for creating cold and heat) for creating humidity when needed

9) Cooling towers, centrifuges, fiber glasses, etc., for air conditioning and industrial uses

10) Heat exchanger

11) Air and water Condensers

12) Cooling and heating Packaged unit

13) Unit heaters with a standard level, in 3 types of hot water, steam and hot oil

14) Hot air furnace (economic air conditioner - econopack), which can be designed as cold and heat device if needed.

15) Apartment and Industrial coolers with cellulose pad

16) Zent for creating heating and cooling with very low energy consumption

17) Industrial coils used for hot and cold water, steam and hot oil produced from copper pipes or Manisman with aluminum, copper and steel fin (spiral and fin plate)

18) Ducted fan coils (channel fan coils)

19) Exhaust Fan

20) Various tubes of different diameters with Fin spirals for industrial uses

21) Industrial electrical panel


DIAMANTEKAREN S.L. devices have 2 years guarantee and 25 years after-sales service:

1) compressors of Package units and chillers at screw and reciprocating type are form Bitzer, German  

2) compressors of chillers at scroll type are from Danfoss, French

3) Electric Industrial Panel, Schneider, France or siemens, Germany

4)Air conditioner and packaged unit fan, Nicotra or Comfrey, Italy 

It will be appreciated in case of additional information, receiving a catalog or to order your favored device, please feel free to contact info@hvacdiamante.com or WhatsApp +3465853483.

Also, please tell us the convenient way to contact you. Can we communicate with you through WhatsApp, Skype, Google Meet or FaceTime? Or if you have another way of communication, please let us know.


Email: info@hvacdiamante.com

WhatsApp: +34658583483

Website: www.hvacdiamante.com

Office address: Barcelona, Spain




Whatsapp:  +34658583483
Email : info@hvacdiamante.com
Office address : Barcelona, Spain