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Air washer

Airwasher machine (with water spraying system) is used for different halls (sports halls, textile factories, etc.) with capacities of 2000 to 100000 cubic meters per hour. In this article, we will first describe the use of airwasher, airwasher settings, and then the advantages and disadvantages of airwasher along with the installation steps of airwasher and airwasher ducting in a separate chapter. Of course, to know the price of the air washer and the price of the home air washer, contact the sales unit.
What is an air washer and how is it different from an air conditioner?
Airwasher is known as a cooling and heating device, which, in addition to its heating and cooling system, has the ability to clean the environment from pollution and is used to ventilate the environment. Considering that most of you are not familiar with the airwasher device, we have prepared this article to first check what an airwasher is and how it works, and in the next parts, the side cooling power of the airwasher, the classification of the airwasher and the difference between this device and We will explain the air conditioner.

What is an air washer?

Airwasher is a heating and cooling device with the ability to filter and clean the air from pollution, which is used for air conditioning residential houses and buildings. Therefore, the air washer is used both as a cooling system in the heat and as a heating system in the winter and cold, and it consists of parts including the fan and the electric motor connected to it, the hot water coil connected to the engine room boiler or the gas package, filters, body and It consists of chassis, evaporative cooling system (including water injection nozzles and pump), sensors, controller, etc.

How the air washer works

In scientific and theoretical terms, airwasher is known as an adiabatic saturation system, which means an adiabatic chamber in which the dry temperature of the incoming air flow through direct contact of the air with the water flow, which leads to the transfer of the latent heat of evaporation and, as a result, the transfer of steam mass The water turns into air, until the wet temperature drops to fully saturated conditions.

How the air washer works in heating mode

The air washer ventilation device consists of a spiral tube with a spa or hot steam, which is connected to the engine room with piping. In small-sized air washer devices, the device may be connected to the gas burner wall package.
At the same time as the hot water flows in the spiral pipe, the fan passes the air over the hot pipes of the coil and after the temperature increases, the hot air is transferred to the environment. The air washer works well in heating mode and its heating power is high. In terms of the heating system, it is very similar to the air conditioner, and by installing it in a large hall, there is no need for additional heating systems.
During the heating operation, the air washer also filters the air and controls the humidity level of the environment.

How the air washer works in cooling mode

The heating and cooling function of the airwasher device is different and the cooling system of this device performs the cooling operation by evaporative method, i.e. similar to a water cooler. In the cooling system, water injection nozzles spray water with high pressure on the air flow passing through the device and turn it into powdery particles. Powder particles tend to vaporize and reduce air temperature by heating the air.
In the cooling system, like the heating system, air humidity is controlled, and due to the presence of sufficient humidity in the environment, you will not suffer from dry skin. Of course, since the air washer device increases humidity, it may not be effective in humid areas of the country, and the use of this device is more useful in areas with dry or semi-arid climates.
In general, if we want to have a summary of the performance of the air washer, the heating system of this device works well and there is no need for an additional device next to it. But its cooling system is not suitable for humid areas and considering that most of the regions of our country have a dry and semi-arid climate, it can be said that most of the buyers of this device will be fully satisfied with its cooling system.

Cooling capacity of the air washer

One of the questions that you may have for buying an air washer is how much is the cooling power of the air washer and how many degrees can it cool the air in the environment and is it suitable for very hot areas of the country or not?
The answer to this question depends on the city where you live, but in general, this device cools the air in an evaporative form, like a water cooler, which can reduce the air temperature up to 3 degrees higher than the humid temperature of that city.

Application of the air washer

The air washer can be used in residential buildings, office buildings, commercial buildings, carpentry, spinning mills, warehouses, stadiums, factories, dormitories, sports clubs, etc.

Air washer components

Nozzle: The nozzle in the air washer device is responsible for injecting and spraying water in the device compartment, and the number of nozzles installed in the device is determined according to the function that is expected and also the coordinates of the environment.
Electric motor: The electric motor in the air washer machine consumes a lot of electricity and is responsible for the circulation of the fan of the machine.
Main body: The main body of the air washer is made of metal, depending on the space used and the area where the device is to be installed, it can be made of metal resistant to corrosion or moisture in single or double layers. But in general, integrated steel sheets are used to make the body of the air washer.
Fan: The main part of the air washer is the fan, the more powerful it is, the higher the amount of air produced by the device. The air washer fan supplies its energy from the electric motor.
Heating coil: A heating coil is used in the air washer for its heating system, and hot water enters the coils, and the air flow created by the fan circulates around the coils to remove the cold and pollutants from it, and the air be transferred warm and clean into the environment.
Damper: The amount of air entering the air washer is determined by the damper, which determines the amount of open air in the dampers. Dampers are often made of aluminum.
Water pump: the air washer works with water and water supply is done with the help of a water pump.
Cellulose pads: Cellulose pads in the air washer are responsible for absorbing and retaining water to create the highest cooling rate. To make cellulose pads, special preservatives and hardeners are used to increase their durability and useful life.
Filter: The filter is one of the components of the air washer device, which is used to clean the pollutants entering the device. Three types of filters are used to make air washers, the pre-filter is used to absorb coarse pollutants and gives up to 30% efficiency. The filter is a cloth bag and its efficiency is 65%. The third type filter is a stronger filter and is able to absorb pollutants up to 85%.

Airwasher classification

The air washers classification criteria is their humidification class, which includes three classes 4, 6 and 8. The meaning of airwasher classification means that, for example, a device with class 8 is humidifying and therefore has a greater ability to reduce air temperature, and an airwasher with class 4 has less humidification and, subsequently, its ability to reduce temperature is less. Therefore, when choosing an air washer, you should consider the space that the device is supposed to cool and buy the appropriate class of air washer according to the space.

Checking the features, advantages and disadvantages of the air washer device

  • The price of the airwasher device is more appropriate compared to similar systems such as chillers and air conditioners due to its efficiency.
  • The airwasher has a lower weight and only needs a light foundation for installation.
  • Compared to chiller and air conditioner, it has less power in reducing the air temperature.
  • The air washer may not be effective in humid areas.
  • The water consumption of the air washer is relatively high.

The difference between air washer and air conditioner

Both air conditioners and air washers are used for dust removal and ventilation of polluted air in the environment, as well as for regulating the humidity of the environment. In the airwasher device, air is in direct contact with water droplets and mass and heat exchange between water and air is created, and the conditions of the air outlet depend on the temperature of the sprayed water.
An apartment air washer can heat or cool the environment independently and without the need for additional heating or cooling equipment, but the air conditioner does not function like that and is used together with cooling devices such as chillers and trending devices such as boilers. Because the air conditioner does not produce heat or cold, but only distributes hot and cold air, and if cold air is needed, the water is cooled in the chiller of the device, or if hot air is needed, the water is heated in the boiler of the device. and are pumped in the air conditioner.

The price and purchase of an air washer

The price of different types of air washers is different according to the type of capacity and brand model, and in addition, the factors influencing the price of air washers include the model and capacity of the device, heating coil, type of fan, type of electric motor, device size, etc.
But in general, if the airwasher has the ability to produce a larger volume of fresh air and the functional power of the device in terms of kilowatts per hour is higher, its quality is higher and, of course, it will have a higher price.
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