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Apartment airwasher or home air conditioner is a unique product of HVAC Diamante company, which is used to provide heating and cooling of apartment units. Cooling is by cellulose pad system and heating by spa coil. With the use of this device, the apartment units are completely independent and receive comfortable heating and cooling with fresh air through ducting. At the same time, the electricity consumption of this device is very low, as much as a water cooler. Another advantage of this device is the removal of internal pipes and radiators, and it is produced in two types of ceiling (apartment ceiling airwasher) and standing airwasher. In this article, firstly, we describe the use of apartment air conditioner and ceiling apartment air washer, how to adjust the home air conditioner and home air washer, and then the advantages and disadvantages of air washer along with the steps of air washer installation and air washer ducting in a separate chapter. Of course, to know the price of apartment air washer, ceiling air washer and apartment air conditioner, you can contact the sales department.
The apartment air conditioner is used as a cooling and heating device in the apartment, and this device is widely used in areas of the country that have dry and semi-arid climates. The apartment airwasher device is slightly different from other airwasher devices in terms of size and components, which we want to explain fully on this page.

What is an apartment air washer?

Airwasher is a new model of air conditioner that is used both as a heating system and as a cooling system. This device has received a lot of attention due to its ability to humidify the environment as well as remove environmental air pollution, and its home models are available in the market under the name of apartment airwasher device.
The apartment airwasher device has some minor differences with the larger airwasher devices in terms of its constituent components and how it works, and it is produced in smaller dimensions and capacity and suitable for the small environment of the apartment.

Features of the apartment air washer

Heating system:

The apartment air washer has a heating system that is suitable for use in the cold seasons of the year. The heating system of this device works in such a way that with the flow of hot water in the spiral pipe, the fan of the device passes the air over the hot pipes of the coil and after the temperature increases, the hot air is transferred to the environment.

Cooling system:

Airwasher is also used as a cooling system, which is very suitable for small apartment environments. In the cooling system, the water injection nozzles pass the water spray with high pressure on the air flow passing through the device, and the powder particles tend to evaporate and take the heat of the air, thus reducing the air temperature.


The apartment airwasher device has the ability to humidify the environment and keep the humidity of the environment in balance, but because the function of maintaining the humidity of this device is to increase the humidity, it may not be effective enough in humid areas of the country and coastal cities. be

Eliminating air pollution:

By using three types of filters in the air washer device, air pollution entering the device is eliminated and fresh air is released from the device and enters the environment.

Components of apartment air washer and apartment air conditioner

Components of apartment air washer and apartment air conditioner

Apartment air washer and apartment air conditioner are two different devices, both of which are used as cooling or heating systems. (Of course, the air washer is an independent device without the need for accessories, but in the air conditioner, a chiller is used to cool the air and a boiler is used to heat the air). Air washers are more suitable for installation in residential and office apartments, and the performance of air washers in cooling and air conditioning is ideal.
The components of apartment airwasher and apartment air conditioner are as follows:
  • Airwasher nozzle:

The airwasher nozzle in the airwasher and air conditioner is responsible for injecting and spraying water in the device chamber.
  • Electric motor:

The electricity consumption of the electric motor in the air washer and air conditioner is high, and its task is to circulate the fan.
  • Fan:

The main part of the apartment airwasher and apartment air conditioner is the fan, the more powerful it is, the higher the amount of air produced by the device.
The energy required for the air washer fan and air conditioner is provided by the electric motor.
  • Heating coil:

A heating coil is used in the air washer for its heating system.
  • Damper:

In the air washer device, the amount of air intake is determined by the damper.
  • Water pump:

Airwasher and apartment air conditioner work with water, and the water supply of the devices is done with the help of a water pump.
  • Cellulose pads:

Cellulose pads in the air washer have the task of absorbing and retaining water so that they can create the maximum amount of cooling. Special preservatives and hardeners are used for durability and useful life of cellulose pads.
  • Filter:

One of the main components of the air washer and apartment air conditioner is the filter, which receives the polluted air in the environment and by removing the pollution from it, brings healthy air into the environment.

Installing an apartment air washer

Usually, the apartment air washer or apartment air conditioner is installed on the roof of the apartment and the air flow from it is transferred to different units and rooms of the house with ducting.

Advantages of the air washer machine

  • Using the air washer device, you will not need additional heating or cooling devices.
  • Apartment air washer uses less water than water coolers.
  • The air washer device supplies the required humidity of the building.
  • The costs of maintenance and supply of spare parts for air washers are relatively lower than air conditioners.
  • The air washer does not need a chiller in cooling mode and a boiler in heating mode.

Purchase and price of apartment air washer

To buy an air washer for an apartment, in the first step, you must consider the dimensions of the place where the device is installed, because air washers are produced and supplied in different sizes, and before buying, you should pay attention to the size and use of your environment in order to get the desired air washer device with capacity. Provide proper cooling and heating. In the step after determining the dimensions of the installation location of the device, the amount of energy consumption, features, brand and benefits of the airwasher should be checked, and the price of apartment airwashers is different based on the type of capacity and the type of brand.
If the operational airwasher has the ability to produce a larger volume of fresh air and its performance in terms of kilowatts per hour is higher, it has a higher quality and is more expensive relative to its final price. Also, one of the important factors affecting the price of an apartment air washer is the power of the machine's motor. The motors installed in airwasher devices work at their maximum power and are equipped with inverter technology in different types. The more powerful the engine is, the higher the price will be. You can order all models of apartment air conditioners, such as ceiling apartment air washers, from the company's sales department.

Features of the apartment air washer

  • Having a digital display
  • Having a maintenance warning system
  • Having an automatic shut-off system when the water tank is empty
  • Display the relative humidity level
  • Easy setup and cleaning with screw connections and available filters
  • Use of high quality equipment in accordance with the current standards of the ventilation industry
  • Using pleated-bag, HEPA, Olpa and active carbon filters in the device (in case of customer order)
  • Use of heat-resistant polyamide fiber connections
  • Using a cold water coil as a supplement to evaporative system cooling (in case of customer order)

The price of an apartment air washer

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