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Fan Coil

Due to the dual purpose of this device, which can be used in winter and summer, it is one of the most suitable and most used cooling and heating devices, which are often used in residential houses, hospitals, ministries, etc. is used Fan coils are usually produced with capacities of 200CFM to 1200CFM in decorative form (floor, ceiling, wall).
In any season of the year, heat or cold is an inseparable part of our working and office hours and even our daily lives. Having a cooling or heating system that can perform its task well and have an optimal consumption is one of the most ideal human needs. Today, there are various cooling and heating devices that you should use in the cold and hot seasons, respectively. But if there is a device that does both of these things together, which means that it creates heat in the cold season of the year and cool air in the hot season of the year, it will be an ideal option to use. Fan coil is a device that has provided us with this possibility and conditions. In the following, we will get to know more about this device.
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