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Cooling tower

In this article, firstly, the application of household cooling tower, industrial cooling tower, power plant cooling tower and dry cooling tower, and then the types of combined cycle power plant cooling tower and fiberglass cooling tower to the installation equipment of hybrid cooling tower and cooling tower. We will describe the circuit in another chapter. You can contact the sales department to know the price of the industrial cooling tower and the price of the water cooling tower.
A cooling tower is a device that converts hot water into cold water during a process. This process is not particularly complicated and in fact it is the collision of water and air flow. Weather and air flow collide with each other in different conditions, and this collision is the way to do this. Currently, many large industries use cooling towers, and practically large industries are paralyzed without a cooling tower that is practical. Many cooling towers use this device daily to reduce the temperature. The cooling unit is made in models from 20 to 500 tons. The body of the towers is made of fiberglass with good quality and thickness.
The cooling tower has a long history behind it and it has been turning the wheel of industries for many years and alone has been able to prove its place among the industrialists. The cooling tower is used only for heat removal and transfers the heat to the atmosphere in the form of evaporation. This transfer takes place according to the helpers that are embedded in this device. Some people compare this device to a car radiator. The water in the radiator is constantly circulating and cooling. The cooling tower is more economical than other cooling systems and consumes less energy. Of course, in large industrial units, the efficiency of the device is important, but in the long run, it becomes important for the factory. Types of cooling devices are divided into chillers, air-cooled exchangers and cooling towers.

Cooling tower classification

The classification of the cooling tower is very large because it has different types, but we divide it into two general categories: industrial and domestic. In this division, the place of air entry and exit is very important. Natural air flow is considered for many of them. This type of cooling tower is very dependent on the amount of air flow and weather conditions. To build this type of cooling tower, environmental conditions must be considered. Many people and industries use mechanical flow for better performance and reduce the impact of environmental conditions. As mentioned, the air flow is very important and they use auxiliary devices to increase the speed of its entry.
Some cooling towers have propellers or auxiliary fans, which are a boon for air to enter the cooling tower. The addition of each part has a significant effect on the performance, but the increase of these parts also plays an important role in increasing the cost. In fact, the capacity of the cooling tower also changes. The operation of cooling water depends on the collision of air and water flow. The flow of water and the flow of air collide with each other in different ways, which can lead the process correctly.
The existence of a propeller in the cooling tower is effective in electricity consumption and may increase the electricity consumption of the industrial unit, but the effect it has on the efficiency is more than the amount of electricity consumption. Industrial units usually use several single-phase or three-phase electricity in their units to avoid problems. Voltage is very important for industrial units. The number of propellers inside the cooling tower is sometimes increased to several propellers to increase the capacity and efficiency. The addition of several propellers to the cooling tower does not mean using all of them, and usually some of them are needed and used.
The cooling tower is also divided based on the flow of water and air, which is briefly described in this article. If you read the cooling tower catalog, you can make the best choice. Usually, in the catalogs, there are different types of cooling towers with information provided by experts.

Cooling tower structure

As mentioned, the structure of cooling towers is different from each other. Cooling towers are divided into concrete, fiberglass, metal and wooden subcategories, but the concrete type is the most popular. The concrete cooling tower costs more to build, but it is much more resistant than other types and has a longer lifespan.
Cooling towers are available in different sizes and shapes in the market. They have different prices according to capacity. It should always be noted that due to the size and type of use, it is not a product that every workshop can offer. You have to be persistent to find the right price and spend a lot of time to buy and build it. Of course, as mentioned, it depends on the capacity and type of application of the cooling tower. Actually, the amount of cooling is expressed by the amount of capacity for this device.
The home cooling tower and the types used in hospitals and other places work in the same way as the other types, they differ only in the amount of space they require. It is not only the purchase and installation that must be done carefully, but the maintenance of the cooling tower, especially on a large and industrial scale, requires an expert, or at least it should be shown to an expert after some time of use.
Small problems or defects in the cooling tower should be taken seriously as they may pose serious risks. One of the problems that plagues this device is the growth of algae and bacteria. These algae should be cleaned by constantly checking the device. Corrosion of parts is also one of the things that happens over time. Corrosion usually occurs as a result of long-term use and not replacing heavy-duty parts. The damaged part must be replaced immediately. In addition to this, sediments also include the maintenance of the cooling tower, and de-sediment must be removed. Basically, this machine started working since the industrial revolution and has been able to increase its role in the industry every day.
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