Hygienic air handling unit

Hygienic air conditioner is for creating cooling and heating with positive pressure and with a unique body type and components for clean rooms such as food industries, pharmaceutical hospitals, microchip and semiconductor manufacturing industries.
Air conditioner means air transfer unit. Hygienic air conditioner is a central and sanitary air conditioning device. This device is used for air conditioning. Hygienic air conditioner provides proper air flow while also transmitting.
This device can be used in any sterile space with various applications, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry and electronic industries. This device has the ability to filter, clean the air and capture bacteria up to 99%. In addition to sterilizing and cleaning the air, this device also has the ability to humidify the air.
In fact, ventilation, cooling or providing cool air and heating or providing hot air are among the basic uses of this device. The hygienic air conditioner can be used in places with a large and integrated area. Therefore, this device is not a suitable choice for commercial, office or residential units that require independent temperature control.
This device can clean the air and actually keep the level of hygiene and cleanliness of the air in the room or hall always high. With the help of this air conditioner, we can ventilate the environment of all laboratories and hospitals. By producing healthy and completely sterile air, we can be sure of the air conditioning of the place.
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