Reciprocating chiller

The Reciprocating chillers of HVAC Diamante company are produced in two types of water and air (integrated and separate) and in the temperature capacity of 3 to 500 tons according to the performance of various types of refrigerants such as R407c - R22 (according to the buyer's request). In terms of application, compression chillers are made in two types, industrial and air conditioning chillers. In this article, we first describe the condensing chiller, compression chiller components and then the deserted chiller equipment along with the introduction of cool water density chiller and the types of compression chiller in a separate season. Finally, the condensed and schematic chiller photo will be presented.
Condensing chillers are actually divided into different categories and in this article we are trying to tell you all the important points about this important device in refrigeration equipment and its operation process. Condensing chillers are actually considered to be one of the most important equipments in any industrial place, and their purchase is actually one of the obligations in any industrial place or motor houses of commercial and residential places. This device is responsible for cooling industrial machines and air conditioning indoor spaces.
By producing cold water or air and creating cooling, this device cools industrial machines and also ventilates the interior space. But you should know that the variety in the production of this equipment is also very large and various chillers with different functions are produced today. This variety can cover a wider range of needs according to your needs as well as project characteristics. Compression chillers are divided into different types according to the type of compressor and type of condenser, which we will discuss below.
The vapor compression chiller device is divided into centrifugal, rotary, screw, piston and scroll types according to the type of compressor. Many factors are involved in choosing the type of chiller compressor, including the weather, the climate of the project site, the type of project, the architecture of the shed, and the application of the project. In fact, the compressor can be considered the beating heart of chillers that work non-stop, for this reason, compressors generally have a shorter lifespan than other components in compression chillers. To avoid depreciation of chillers, it is better to choose the most compatible compressor with the project conditions. Join me and we will continue to review the types of compressors.
But the next category is also according to the type of condenser. In this category, compression chillers are classified into air-cooled, water-cooled and evaporative categories based on the type of condenser installed in them. In fact, the air-cooled category is also divided into two other branches, one fabric and two fabrics. In the following, we will give more explanations about each of these compression chillers. So, if you are looking to buy this important cooling equipment for your business, stay with us until the end of the article.

Types of compressor chillers based on the type of compressor

  • Centrifugal Centrifugal Compressor
Compressors used in centrifugal compressors are used for large projects. We said earlier one of the important factors that are effective in choosing the type of chiller is the dimensions of the project. This unique device can easily be answered by providing cold, cooling and air conditioning.
  • Rotaty rotary compressor
If you are looking for low -capacity cooling equipment, the condensing chiller with a rotary compressor is suitable for you. Rotary mini -chillers are used for low capacity. The capacity of this type is 1 to 2 kW.
  • Screw Screw compressor
But if you are looking for compression chillers at high capacity, the screws can meet all your expectations of a cooling equipment with the power of each 1 to 2 kW. This type of compressor, in addition to creating cold and cold, also performs the interior ventilation well. This type is also popular and popular because of its simple performance.
  • Reciprocating piston compressor
This type of compressor actually has a rotary performance. Chillers with a piston compressor are often used in capacities of 1 to 2 kW. This device is very comprehensive and can easily ventilate air and cool and cool industrial equipment and machines. The life span of this type of compressor can be considered an average of 5 years.
  • Scroll Scroll Compressor
We have said earlier that the type of compressor used in compression chillers is a very important element in their segmentation and pricing. The type of compressor selected is determined by your project and your expectation. With these interpretations, the condensing chiller with the scroll compressor also falls into the category of condensing mini -chillers and is suitable for low -capacity projects.
  Capacity between 1 and 2 kW is suitable for this type of compressor. Despite its low capacity, the scroll type creates a good cooling and performs air conditioning. This type is very strong in refrigeration and has a longer efficiency and longevity than the piston type, due to the simple structure of these compressors.

Introducing the types of compression chillers according to the type of condenser

Another important element that plays an important role in the classification of chillers is the type of condenser, which has a direct effect on the price, so employers should have enough information in this field according to their needs and demands so that they can choose the right chiller as best as possible. to choose In this section, you will learn about the types of condensers.

Know water or water cooled chillers

These chillers have a condenser and a cooling tower, and can provide continuous cooling. In this type, cool water circulates around the device and actually causes it to cool down by reducing the temperature of the device. Then the hot water is cooled again by the cooling tower built in the chiller itself, and it gets the ability to do this process again and create coldness.
  Note that the use of this chiller also depends on the conditions of your project. In fact, important factors such as access to water, electricity, cost of electricity, climate conditions, etc. are involved in choosing this compression chiller that works with thermodynamic processes.
Water-cooled compression chillers have more advantages than other compression chillers such as air-cooled. More cooling power and lower electricity consumption can be considered the most important features of this compression chiller. These advantages and features have made this type of chiller more suitable for high capacities. But in recent decades, the public interest in using water-cooled chillers in industrial projects is decreasing. The reason for the decrease in the use of chilled water chillers can be attributed to the limitations of the climatic conditions of the project, high operating costs and lack of water resources.
Therefore, sub-zero projects and areas are more suitable for using these chillers. The maintenance costs of this type are much higher than the air-cooled type, and the reason is the presence of the cooling tower and its accessories. In fact, the depreciation of the cooling tower, which is the main part of this device, happens very quickly due to the pollution of the weather in most cities and other things, and it can multiply the same costs.
Water-cooled chillers produce less noise pollution compared to the next type of chiller, i.e. air-cooled, which is due to the type of compressor and condenser used in them. If we don't consider this point, it can be said that the overall efficiency and lifespan of air-cooled chillers is higher than this type of chillers, and for this reason, many people give lower points to these types of chillers in their categories. .

All about air cooled or air chiller

In this type of chillers, pipes are installed inside the device in which hot refrigerant flows, which are cooled by the air flow introduced by a number of fans from the top of the device. In fact, the role of the condenser in this type of chillers can be seen as creating cold to cool this hot stream. Air-cooled compression chillers are divided into two general categories, which we will discuss below:
  • Single-fabric air-cooled chiller
In single-fabric chillers, all the accessories of the chiller are installed inside a single device, and the output and input of the device is only water and electricity, which is supplied from the building. For this reason, the location of these chillers is generally on the roof of buildings.
  • Chiller of the second type or two fabrics
in the second type of air-cooled compression chillers, the air condenser is placed in one part and the compressor, expansion valve and operator are placed in the other part. The reason for this distance can be considered as the lack of tolerance of the roof of the building for the weight of this type of chiller. With this method and design, the air condenser can be installed in the roof and the rest of the accessories in the other part, which reduces the weight on the roof.
  Of course, we must remember that this type of compression chiller has disadvantages such as high start-up costs and causing a pressure drop of the refrigerant exiting the building. Therefore, air-cooled compression chillers are used only in essential cases. It is better to remind again that the type of project and your demands from the types of chillers determine the type of this device.
Note that although the sound of the condenser and compressor in this type of chillers is higher, this noise pollution can be reduced to several degrees with several solutions. Although the amount of water used in this type is zero, air-cooled compression chillers are not suitable for tropical areas, and if used in these environments, it is better to use a high-capacity compressor and low-pressure refrigerant for better and more performance of this type. Condensation chiller provided. Therefore, consider all the conditions when buying all types of air-cooled compression chillers.

Important points of compression chiller with evaporative condenser

The evaporative condenser works on the basis of lowering the temperature through evaporation. In this way, the hot refrigerant vapor coming out of the compressor enters the condenser tube and the cold water flow is sprayed on the outer surface of the tubes. Due to the high temperature of the refrigerant in the pipes, a part of this sprayed substance evaporates and as a result the temperature of the refrigerant decreases.
These types of chillers, which are known as evaporative, have less sales among the types of compression chillers. One of the reasons for not using this type of compression chiller can be considered the basis of its work. Evaporative cooling brings high costs in addition to electricity consumption. Since evaporation takes place slowly in Sharjah climate and high humidity, evaporative chiller is not suitable for these areas.

Conclusion and the last word about the purchase of compression chillers

In this article, we tried to provide you with the best and most comprehensive information that is needed to buy different types of compression chillers. Buying and selling all kinds of chillers is very easy and convenient nowadays. But it should be noted that this equipment will also cost you a lot. Therefore, in buying all types of compression chillers, first measure the conditions of the project completely, then determine your budget and buy all types of compression chillers according to the needs of the project and the weather conditions of the region.
  All the mentioned factors can be effective during the life of compression chillers, consumption costs and performance. You can find the type of chiller suitable for your needs with the advice of knowledgeable people. Note that you must buy from a reliable place, the quality of the material used in the chillers and its parts will have a direct relationship with the performance and the result of your project.
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